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'Watching' Original Painting By Catriona Secker Leather Shoulder Bag

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A beautifully handcrafted shoulder bag using an incredible original oil painting by artist Catriona Secker, teemed with an intricate chain-mail textured leather.

Own an original painting, and being transformed into a bag gives it another life, as a wearable art object. 

Catriona is a pop surrealist artist, her work intricately studies biological organisms, and this painting is a wonderful abstraction of some organism, I'll have to ask her what it is!  I love the dewy tear-drops, the detail is amazing, and I love the worm-like form there too.

As a practical bag, this leather has a wonderful feel, and the hand-cut tassel with brass fitting milled by my own Dad, gives an elegant finish to the bag.

This bag is compact and great for night and day, holding all you need inside.  It had been reinforced, and has layers of varnish, but asks for a bit more care as it is a canvas.

Adorned with a quality metal zipper and lined with  silk.

Hand-cut leather strap, and handy inner leather pocket.

Size: 30cm x 18cm


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