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STA Red Moquette Medium Carpet Bag

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This amazing bright red moquette is a Sydney State Transit Authority upholstery used on Sydney buses!  The red is used for Priority seating.

This is such a cute and compact shoulder bag.

I love this fabric, it's so soft and velvety with 80% wool content and it would have been woven on a loom. I've just realised it's from Sydney, and there's a lot of Sydney in this bag, from the moquette to the leather and lining!

Carefully stitched into repurposed brown leather, it's made to last and to throw your essential things in for all the 'essential' shopping and travel you do at the moment!

Lined with a City of Sydney banner and handy leather pocket 

Adorned with a quality chunky metal zipper

30cm X 22cms  

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