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Rock Holes Indigenous Print Leather Shoulder Bag

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A lovingly handcrafted shoulder bag made with a beautiful original screen-print by Aboriginal artist Alice Nampitjinpa Dixon from Ikuntji Artists (hand printed by Publisher Textiles) and a gorgeous soft sparkly grey leather back with top-stitched detail.  

I love the vibrant colours in Alice's print, and to own this lovingly made bag, you also can have a little piece of her story:

This is Uta Uta Tjangala’s country, which he has painted throughout his career. Nampitjinpa paints her father’s country of rockholes (puli) and sandhills (tali). There is plenty bushtucker – mangilpa, which are little black seeds around. The road to Kiwirrkurra passes Takupalangu on the side.
Alice describes the big swamp of Takupalangu, in her Fathers country. Takupalangu is filled up with bush vegetables called mungilpa. When Alice was a small girl she travelled this country with her family. Her mother used to collect mungilpa and pummel it into dough which she made into damper. It is also a good place for hunting bush meat as the swamp is surrounded by rock hills.

All Designed By Kate bags are lovingly handmade by myself, and carefully made to last for years.   Lined with vintage silk satin, it's a very stylish bag.

Adorned with a quality metal zipper. 

Hand-cut leather strap, and handy inner leather pocket.

Size: 30cm x 18cm

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