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Pullman Floral Moquette Cross Body Bag

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A lovingly handcrafted and cross-body bag made with a genuine moquette used to upholster the Pullman Carriage at the Bluebell Railway.  it's a copy of a 1923 design.

Own a piece of transport history!

A family friend last year organised for me to visit the upholstery workshop there and they very kindly gave me some of their moquette, this piece being very special and used to re upholster the beautiful Pullman carriage.  I got to see inside, and it takes you to another world when train travel was opulent and glamorous.

A huge thank you to Stephen Bigg there (he's in the photo finding moquette pieces for me!).

All Designed By Kate bags are lovingly handmade by myself, and carefully made to last for years.  A great detail with this bag is the leather strap can be unclipped, and the bag can become a clutch. Lined with vintage silk and inner pocket.

Adorned with a quality gold metal zipper.

Hand-cut removable leather strap, 122 cms.

Some info from the Bluebell Railway website:

Built as a Second Class Restaurant car for the London-Harwich boat trains, it was rebuilt in 1937 as a third class parlour car. It ran on many different trains, including, in the 1960s, the short-lived private venture, the Regency Belle. Although this train usually used the 5-BEL electric Pullmans, it was formed of conventional cars when required to run off the electrified system during engineering work on the Brighton Line. It ended its days on the Bournemouth Belle in 1967.

On withdrawal it became one of five Pullmans in the Bulmer's Cider Train, being named "Christine", and toured the country for promotional purposes, as well as being in the historic train hauled by King George V which ended the BR steam ban. In 1985 the entire train was sold to the Venice-Simplon Orient Express, who were keen to dispose of those vehicles which they did not require. Car 64, the most complete of the vehicles, was offered for sale and the Horsted Keynes Pullman Car Group had to move rapidly to purchase it.

Size: 24cm x 16 cm


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