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Mind The Gap Moquette Medium Carpet Bag

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Mind The Gap! 

This amazing London Underground District and Jubilee Line moquette is from the UK and it has an amazing retro pattern!  This is such a cute and compact shoulder bag.

I love this fabric, it's so soft and velvety with 80% wool content and it would have been woven on a loom. Some info from @shednumber2 who I purchased it from, for the train spotters among us:

This moquette is known as Misha Black, after the man who commissioned it and Jacqueline Groag created the pattern for the D78 Underground and in 1982 it was used on the Jubilee Line.

Carefully stitched into shiny repurposed black leather, it's made to last and to throw your essential things in for all the 'essential' shopping and travel you do at the moment!

The hand-cut leather strap can be unclipped, transforming the bag into a makeup bag or clutch.

Lined with a dark blue silk satin and handy leather pocket 

Adorned with a quality chunky gold metal YKK zipper

30cm X 22cms  

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