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London Bus Greenlines Leather Cross Body Bag #2

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 Mind The Gap! 

A lovingly handcrafted and very fun cross-body bag made with a genuine vintage London Bus transport moquette (unused) from the UK. The fabric is on both sides.

Own a piece of transport history!  And take a leisurely trip across the English Countryside!

The Green Line and London Country bus networks penetrated Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Essex and Kent and it began being used on seats in 1952. The moquette was designed by Ingles and Dutton.

I love the colour combination - red symbolised the city and green represents the rolling hills and fields of the countryside!

I love this fabric, it's so soft and velvety with 80% wool content and it would have been woven on a loom. Durable City of Sydney banner lining, and inner pocket

Adorned with a chunky metal zipper.

Size:  22 cms X 20.5

(Bus info from Shed No.2)

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