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In Transit Moquette Leather Large Slouch Carpet Bag

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This moquette fabric is so cool! 

A lush deep blue with a flash of yellow and red going across, which to me looks like a train in transit or reflections.  The grid-like design looks like buildings and parts of the city.

It's so soft and velvety with 80% wool content and it would have been woven on a loom.

This unused fabric would have been seen on buses or trains.

Carefully stitched into repurposed leather, with a leather panel underneath, it's made to last and to throw things in for all the 'essential' shopping and travel you do at the moment!  I have a Neon Butterfly one, and use it everyday and it will go for years.  This fabric is made to withstand so much, it's indestructable!

Lined with durable City of Sydney banner and handy leather pocket 

The bag has a hand-cut black strap.

Adorned with a metal zipper

38cm X 32cms  

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