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No Smoking! Moquette Purse/Wallet

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This very special genuine train upholstery, or 'moquette', makes an excellent functional wallet, big enough to fit an iphone, and is very tactile and has a lovely velvety feel.

Genuine vintage moquette that was first seen on the British Rail Modernisation Plan in the 1960s. 

The cool green stripes were used in the non-smoking compartments, the red stripes used in the smoking areas (which didn't show up the nicotine staining!) 

The purse/wallet is completely handmade and a one of a kind; own something locally made in Sydney or it can be great to give as a gift.  Backed with a soft repurposed black leather, and lined with a City of Sydney banner material,  it is made to last.

My moquette has been so popular with the guys, I've made these wallets also with blokes in mind. 

Own a piece of transport history!

Adorned with a metal zipper.

Size: 20cm x 13.5 cm


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