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Sunrise Original Oil Painting Shoulder Bag

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This shoulder bag is made from a rescued old oil painting, I think around 80 yrs old at least! It's made from the other half of the painting from the 'Morning Trees' bag.

The painting is of a dreamy rural scene at sunrise with a very cute farmhouse in the centre and it has a lovely sepia tone.

It's been carefully handcrafted into a bag so it can be worn and enjoyed.  The back is a quality tan leather, the strap a hand-cut brown leather.  

The bags are durable and given extra varnish, however as it is still a very old painting, it needs some extra looking after.  There is a slight tear in the canvas - because of it's age, but it also adds to it's story and charm.

Inside also has a useful pocket, the lining silver grey.

Adorned with a gold metal zipper.  

Size: 23cm x 231cm.  Strap: 122cms

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