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Check Central Line Moquette Leather Cross Body Bag

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A lovingly handcrafted and very fun cross-body bag made with a genuine London Underground Central Line transport moquette from the UK, and a soft repurposed black leather back.  

This pattern would have been woven on a loom and is 80% wool.                              From When the Central line got its new trains in 1992, the designers gave the public a say on which moquette would adorn the seats. The winner of the poll was this one - Check - and was designed by Sothcott. The design was repetitive squares so that any damage could be cut out and a new square embroidered into place. Red and blue were chosen, which remain London Underground’s colour scheme.

This can also be made in the brown and orange District Line Mind The Gap one! (just message me)

Own a piece of transport history!

It will hold the essentials for being on the run, or heading out at night!

All Designed By Kate bags are lovingly handmade by myself, and carefully made to last for years.  A great detail with this bag is the leather strap can be unclipped, and the bag can become a clutch. Lined with City of Sydney film Festival banner and inner pocket.

Adorned with a quality metal zipper.

Hand-cut removable leather strap, 122 cms.

Size: 24cm x 16 cm


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